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Wendy's Pet Care is my absolute first choice in care for my beloved seven-year-old Yorkie, Tres.  For the past four years Wendy has provided the most loving, professional and dependable care I have ever hoped for. Dropping Tres off at Wendy's is like dropping your child off at your Mother's house. I simply do not worry. I know that my dog is safe and getting loving care. - Linda P.

We don't know what we'd do without Wendy! She's been caring for our two dogs since the fall of 2006 and we couldn't be happier. The boys love her, and she's punctual, dependable, flexible, and affordable. She's incredibly trustworthy and reliable. We highly recommend Wendy's Pet Care! - Elizabeth A. 

It didn't take me long to categorize Wendy's work as "child care"--those of you with cats (and dogs..) who need some looking after and loving while you're on the road will understand immediately. As someone who traveled a couple weeks out of every month, I was delighted (and relieved) to have Wendy tending to my cats while I was away. I can say many good things about Wendy, but the real recommendation came from the cats themselves, who were always happy to have me home but never seemed to have missed me all that much. They were happy, calm, and well-groomed when I arrived back--exactly what I wanted for them (and for me) from a kitter-sitter. Call Wendy. You'll be happy you did--and so will your cats! - Sue S.

Thank you so much for all your care and love that you have given Puddy as a surrogate Mom. I know she was always very relaxed with you! - Emily M.

Wendy is great with animals - she's nurturing, loving and provides a lovely home for the little ones while their parents are away. Her pet care services are highly personalized and professional. Every time I've been to her home, I have been impressed by how happy the animals were. They get plenty of exercise, play time and love. As a pet owner, I would not hesitate to bring my dog Max to Wendy's - Angela K.

This was the first time I've ever left Daisy for more than a week. Her demeanor was calm, not a shred of anxiety from my being away. Thank you, Wendy Poppins! - S.B. 


Wendy is absolutely amazing! I spent four days last week looking for a dog walker. Who knew that this kind of service would be so hard to find in Manhattan? A lot of the larger groups ignored my calls or had an incredibly delayed response. My dog was just rescued, and I gave full disclosure of this to anyone I spoke to that he is still nervous in the city (granted he is less than 5 pounds, so everyone I spoke to was okay with this idea). I interviewed a few dog walkers, and I didn't feel comfortable letting them walk my dog (let alone receiving a set of keys to my home!). Wendy came over and was a breath of fresh air. She obviously had a lot of experience with dogs and my dog warmed up to her very quickly (a relief after he spent the last 45 minutes hiding behind me from the previous interviewee!) Every day, I receive a friendly update on my dog and a photo emailed to me. She seems to genuinely care for my dog, which every pet owner wants. She does dog walks alone and is very fairly priced. I would recommend her to anyone! She is so sweet, knowledgeable, and responsible. - Lauren A. - owner of Meeko

Thank you, Wendy. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone so reliable and consistent in our lives - someone who is also so great with Truffle and us. - Emily N. - owner of Truffle

We have been using Wendy's Pet Care services for over four years now, and are so happy that we found her! Leaving our three cats in her capable hands really takes the stress out of travel, and we appreciate her emails to let us know that everything is going well in our absence. Thank you, Wendy! - Suzanne in Murray Hill - Owner of Wolfie, Sammy and Lulu

You have been amazing... such a great dog walker for Kensie and it has been so nice to know I can trust you and never worry about Kensie in your care! - Meaghan T. - owner of Kensie

I appreciate you taking care of my cats. I always feel at ease when I ask you because you have so much love for my cats! You are always reliable and I appreciate your care! - Ayako L. - owner of Daisy and Kotaro


For starters.. Wendy is very quick to respond, keeps a thorough calendar, and keeps very detailed notes and records of what YOU want for your dog.  I've used other people that were very good, but they always thought THEY knew what was best.  Wendy listens to what you want for your dog, and follows through. She will always let us know in advance if there is another dog staying with her and will assess if she thinks it is a good fit for both dogs.  And Wendy also sends you daily morning updates with a picture to let you know how your dog is doing.  What's better than being away on vacation? Being on vacation and getting a fun email and pic seeing our dog happy and safe every day- we really look forward to those emails each morning! I can't understate how helpful it is as a hectic New Yorker like myself to be able to count on Wendy. Now on to the really important part, I fully trust and am at ease when Wendy cares for our dog because I can tell how much she LOVES dogs.  I found Wendy online when we were in a late bind because our normal caregiver was unavailable.  I was very nervous about trying a stranger out and met with Wendy to introduce our dog and to chat with her.  After a nice visit with her and my dog, I knew we found someone great.  We have a frenchie and they can be needy: having to avoid the real hot weather and always needing water, special feeding routines, etc.  And because Wendy is so well organized, and because she loves animals so much, I know she will take care of him just as we would, and with just as much love.   She really is a gift to people and animals alike.  I'm so glad I found her.  I wanted to let people know that I'm real, I tend to be neurotic about the care of our dog, and let people know I am fully comfortable with Wendy taking care of our dog, and you should be too. - Charles A. - owner of Dexter

Wendy has been caring for my dogs for several years now. When I first started using her services, I had an aging Shiba Inu with a rather complicated regimen of special foods and meds, and Wendy handled it all perfectly. He wasn't the easiest guy to walk, either, because he was blind in one eye and a bit nervous out on the street. Again, not a problem for Wendy, she always knew exactly what to do.

Since Sami passed away, Wendy has cared for my second dog, as well, this time a young and exuberant rescue who likes to chase a ball and will eat anything and everything. In other words, pretty much the opposite of my first one. His care, too, she has handled in just the appropriate way.

I could not be more happy with Wendy's attentive care of my precious boys. She asks a lot of questions, to make sure that she can give her charges exactly the care their owners expect. As others have said, she is extremely organized and professional, and that has always gone far in giving me confidence in her ability to care for my dogs just as well as I do. And probably the most important thing of all is that Wendy loves animals, plain and simple. It is very obvious from the time you meet her (and she meets your pet!). Both my boys have loved her and have always been very happy to see her. A few weeks ago I dropped Ollie off to Wendy as I was on my way out of town, and she met me outside her building. I was afraid Ollie might balk at leaving my side, so after standing on the sidewalk and chatting for a bit, I handed her the leash and ducked into my car while he was distracted by another dog. As I peeked out from inside my car, I just got a glimpse of Ollie's tail end as he happily trotted into the building behind Wendy, without so much as a backward glance. Knowing he was so happy to go with her made it much easier for me to leave him, and enjoy my week's vacation! - Andrea - owner of Sami and Ollie

Wendy watched our little guy, Caffrey, for 10 days while my husband and I went on our honeymoon.  We found Wendy's Pet Care on the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters website.  She is bonded and insured which was important when searching for a pet sitter. This was our first experience with hiring a pet care service and we were initially nervous.  However, Wendy put all our anxieties to rest with her warm nature and genuine love of animals.  Caffrey immediately bonded with her and we knew he would be well taken care of while we were away.  Throughout our trip, we got updates from Wendy on her visit with Caffrey with pictures included.  I would highly recommend Wendy's Pet Care to anyone looking for a cat sitter.  She was wonderful and we will absolutely be using Wendy again. - Amanda P.

Wendy is the best.   We all know how hard it is to leave our loved ones, pets, family member with a stranger.   Well I met many that told me about Wendy and it was all true. My little Parker is madly in love with her.   He leaps from his bag when he hears her voice.   Wendy's concerns are safety, a loving atmosphere, proper care.   It is so great to know that if Parker is with Wendy, he is safe, warm, and maybe having a treat or more than usual.  :). I recommend Wendy full on!   She is great for short and longer term care.   SHE IS GREAT!!   Thanks Wendy! - Marshall S.

Wendy has been taking care of our cat since 2007. She is great with him, and always sends us cute updates on how he is doing while we are away. Complete confidence in her abilities to care for any animal.  - Elyse B., owner of Scooby

Wendy took care of my cat, Twinky, when I was out of town and did a great job. She was willing to travel daily to Harlem to my home, an inconvenience to say the least, but she willingly did so anyway. While I was away, she sent me pictures of Twinky, which alleviated any anxieties or worries I had about my pet. I think she is a thorough professional - totally reliable and responsible and very committed to taking great care of our furry friends. - Helene D. C.


Thank you so much for taking care of Lasa today. Thanks for playing with her and taking the lovely picture. She seemed so happy and relaxed! -  Fumiko Ogawa

Wendy, Twiggy was waiting for us on the chair. That was a first. Usually she hides for hours until she decides to forgive us for going away. Thank you so much for the outstanding care you gave Twiggy. It's very clear she was well taken care of!! - Beth G.

Wendy has been watching our cat for over a year now and takes wonderful care of him while we are away. She is very professional and reliable. We love that she sends us daily photo updates. We will definitely continue to call Wendy the next time we are out of town! -  Annie F., owner of Raskol

Thank you so much for all your care. I really appreciate it. It seems like Dahlia had a great time with you. Thanks again for taking such great care of my baby!  - Mariel K., owner of Dahlia 

Wendy took great care of my dog Rocky when I went away on vacation for 2 weeks. Wendy is very loving and I felt good knowing Rocky was in such good hands. I also loved the daily pictures! - Effie K.

Wendy cared for our three-year-old cat, June, for a week while we were away. Wendy was very thorough in her initial meeting with us and made us feel confident June would be well taken care of. Wendy sent us daily updates with pictures. We will definitely use her services again in the future! - Sara D. 

Wendy has assisted us with walking our dog Violet for almost two years. Wendy is reliable, professional and loving. All doggie contact by Wendy is followed up with an informative email (and even photos!) as to how the outing went. Wendy has helped us out on very short notice....and we are so appreciative of her flexibility. We would highly recommend Wendy - Susan G.

Wendy is a phenomenal person! Her whole life is for animals, or that is how it seems. She is ALWAYS available to me and is ALWAYS so responsible and thorough while taking care of my pet. She is VERY organized and does not miss anything. That describes her business side, now to the loving and caring side. This is even bigger, she cares so much for my pet, from following exactly how I like things to be done, to going above and beyond to make the pet feel so loved and cared for. I have never felt so comfortable with my pet being left before. - Lindsay B., owner of George

Wendy is a gem. As someone whose dog experienced hind leg injuries over the past two years, I was originally concerned about introducing my dog to a new walker. However, Wendy quickly put my mind at ease with how well she listened and how consistent and reliable she is with her communication. Plus, my dog loves her! I highly recommend Wendy to anyone seeking thorough, caring, and quality care for their pet. - Noelle R., owner of Harley

Wendy is so wonderful! She took care of our sweet kitten a few months ago and she was perfect. We received daily updates and fun photos of our Casper while we were away. We are happy to have found such a great cat sitter! - Laura G., owner of Casper

Wendy is fantastic! She's all you can hope for in a pet sitter. She watched our cat, Adagio, for one week while we were on vacation and her daily texts with photos and updates never failed to put us at ease. She is extremely professional, uber organized, and truly caring. Thank you Wendy! - Emily, owner of Adagio

Wendy is an exceptional pet sitter. She is very caring and detail oriented. She loves animals and they love her. She took excellent care of my cat. He immediately responded to her. It is such a relief to have him in her care when I travel because I know he is getting the best care possible. - Jeanne Z., owner of Axel


Wendy is wonderful. She was recommended to me by a neighbor in my building and has taken excellent care of my cat while I've been away on several business trips. She even texts updates and photos! Further, she is extremely responsive to email/text. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone looking for a responsible and caring pet sitter. - Lisa M., owner of Brynn

First, I must say have been using Wendy’s Pet Care for years.  My 13-year-old Yorkie adores her and literally cries when he leaves her after a long stay.  Wendy is a first rate professional and true lover of animals.  She provides the most consistent and loving care I have ever seen.  She has a consistent schedule for her guest pets - meals, walks, socializing and relaxation are all a part of a structured day.  She texts at least once per day with pics and updates.  It’s my doggie's home-away-from-home and healing spa.  She is an intuitive and is able to communicate with her pet guests and help them all get along and enjoy each other.  She understands and loves each of them.  She keeps current in the research on dog nutrition, and has helped me, under the guidance of my veterinarian, to keep my dog healthy and strong - providing links, information and guidance when I ask.  When I leave my dog with her I do not worry about him I know he is having a great time.  She has a confidence caring for animals that does not come natural to me so I lean on her a lot when my dog is experiencing difficulties as he ages.


Now, for the real differentiator!  Three times Wendy has cared for my dog after surgery or illness and I cannot tell you what a relief it has been.  I work and travel and could not administer the medical instructions from my vet, and healing care my dog needed after hip surgery, when he was recovering from an auto immune disease AND most recently when he had a cancerous tumor removed from his anal gland.  I was upset and scared and Wendy stepped in and provided the care my dog needed.  She cleared her schedule for when my dog needed intensive care, followed all veterinary directions with medications, wound and general care and kept me up to date on his progress throughout the day.  She also, under my vet's direction, researched and started him on a new diet so he would not get cancer again.  She is a true healer.  My dog not only got expert healing care but was in a loving, healing and relaxing environment where he could get heal best.  During his recovery time I had to travel for work and was relieved to know that she could once again provide his post op care.  


This may be a new niche for pet providers, I am not sure.  If this is something you might need for your animal I highly suggest Wendy’s Pet Care you will not find better or more loving care.  If you are like me and you work, travel or just don’t feel confident to provide after surgery care you will find a treasure in Wendy.  She is truly gifted! I feel it is her calling. - Linda P., owner of Tres

There's not enough space to write all the great things about Wendy and her pet care services! She truly loves all pets and it shows.  She takes care of my sweet kitty, Mr. Murray, and I always feel like he's in good hands with her.  She's kind, professional and communicates often by sending lovely updates with photos.  She's the best!  ML, owner of Mr. Murray

Wendy has been so helpful and wonderful when caring for my kitty Foxy! Foxy seems so happy and we (my boyfriend and I) always get pictures when we are away. We love seeing her happy face. Whenever we go away and leave Foxy, I know she is in great hands.  - Sara, F., owner of Foxy

I would strongly recommend Wendy and her professional service. Our Cat usually would hide when strangers visit us, but he immediately interacted with Wendy the moment he saw her. Wendy took very good care of our Cat while we were away for 9 days. We received detailed daily reports and nice photos every day and that really made us feel at ease. He was a very happy Cat when we came back home. We know we will have the best care for him whenever we need to be away from home.. thank you, Wendy! - Mengjia, owner of Snow

Wendy is amazing! She took such wonderful care of my dog and was so easy to work with. She was extremely communicative and sent me thorough updates daily (pictures included)! I could not recommend Wendy more highly if you are looking for high quality pet care. - Brittan, owner of Oscar

Wendy's pet care was incredible while we were our of the country! She sent text messages and emails (ensuring that we would certainly receive one of them) with updates and tons of photos. She collected mail and ensured things in the house were great for our kitty. I loved known our cat was in good hands and wasn't lonely while we were gone. Before the trip, Wendy was thorough in getting to know our cat and his needs. I highly recommend and will be using her company again! - Rebecca, owner of Marco

Wendy is AMAZING.  She’s been caring for my pets for almost 10 years and we don’t worry about leaving our pets behind – we know they’re safe with her! My dog adored her (I knew I found the perfect sitter after my pug tried to go back to Wendy’s apartment without me when I picked her up after a week away) and my new kittens that normally hide whenever someone comes over have the best time playing with her and all their toys! Wendy was great with my cat and dog as they got older, adjusting my pug’s walks as her mobility declined and letting me know of any issues she picked up on while I was away. We look forward to the daily emails she sends with the cutest pictures so we can see what they’re up to. - Jana, owner of Sherbert and Elsa


Not only was I a new client to Wendy, but also was leaving my recently adopted cat for the first time. I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Wendy was extremely professional and thorough in her visits. She provided daily updates and pictures to ensure my little guy was in good hands! Thank you Wendy! - Beth, owner of Alex


Wendy is a the consummate professional. She has a sincere love for dogs and she truly cares about their health and welfare. My dog loved her and he was very picky, he only liked the very best of everything! She listens, understands and customizes her care to your pet's special needs. I couldn't recommend her highly enough! - Jean, owner of Mr. Jones


Wendy has looked after our miniature pinscher Stella on a number of occasions, and has always offered top-quality care and support. She takes her task very seriously, offering not only boarding but also advice on training, nutrition and much more. She is such a calm and friendly person and instantly established trust with our dog. We thoroughly recommend her services! - Asa, owner of Stella


Wendy is great - she's so nice, the dogs love her, and she meets you in the lobby to pick up and drop off the dog. She's absolutely the go-to for babysitting our dog. - Justin, owner of Tilly

Leaving my dog with Wendy has been such a great experience. She is loving and caring and I know that my dog is being well taken care of. She sends daily updates and photos so I can see what they have been doing. I highly recommend Wendy to care for your pet. - Brooke, owner of Nola

Wendy provided the best home visits for my cats while I was on vacation. She is thorough and deeply caring for my kittens. The daily pictures and updates were very thoughtful too. I am so glad that I found her. She is part of the family now. Look no more, she is the one! - Stella, owner of Hoshi and Cosima

Wendy has taken care of my rabbit a number of times and always does a wonderful job. She is thorough, caring and responsive. She sends daily updates with details and cute pictures so I know that my rabbit is being well cared for. Now that I have found Wendy, I would not use anyone else to take care of my rabbit. I highly recommend her! - Beth, owner of Pretzels

I would strongly recommend Wendy and her professional service. Our Cat usually would hide when strangers visit us, but he immediately interacted with Wendy the moment he saw her. Wendy took very good care of our Cat while we were away for 9 days. We received detailed daily reports and nice photos every day and that really made us feel at ease. He was a very happy Cat when we came back home. We know we will have the best care for him whenever we need to be away from home.. thank you, Wendy! - Mengjia - owner of Snow


I have 2 cats so I have to give access to my house when I'm out of town.  Wendy is the first person who let's me feel worry free. In very few words: the daily picture updates are the best thing Wendy does to calm your worries. Very professional and reliable. Look no more. Two thumbs UP! - Penny, owner of Lulu and Bam Bam

She did such a great job with my Sophie. I'm very particular about her care. Sophie loved her and she was very attentive to her needs. - Christina, owner of Sophie

Wendy's the best! She really made my dog feel at home. Wendy is a professional who is diligent, punctual, reliable, and trustworthy. She sent pics each day detailing my pup's activity, i.e. meals, playtime, potty breaks, etc. My pup was extremely comfortable with her and he was all smiles whenever I dropped him off and picked him up from daycare. - Dave, owner of Mojo

Wendy was everything we could have asked for in a dog sitter! She took care of our cockapoo, Scout, while we were moving for about a week. Scout spends a lot of time with us, esp. during the pandemic so we were a bit worried since this was his first time with a sitter. Wendy was responsive, professional, and most importantly super loving with Scout. It was clear he loved his time there and we're excited for the opportunity for Wendy to take care of Scout again. - Leisy, owner of Scout

Wendy is amazing! She has been watching my dog for a couple years now and I can’t say enough good things. She’s responsive, reliable, and extremely good with all dogs. My dog loves her and always runs to her excited to hang out with Wendy for the day. She’s been there for me when I have a last minute thing and need her to watch Stella. She also sends pictures of Stella during the day and updates to let me know how she’s doing. Wendy is the best! - Jaime, owner of Stella

We have used Wendy’s Pet Care for both daycare and overnight boarding- she is very trustworthy and caring and we highly recommend her!  Wendy takes the time to get to know each dog she cares for, asking questions about food, treats, routine and any medications. She also sends texts with updates and pictures twice a day, which we always look forward to.  Even though our dog can be shy and anxious with new people or places, he loves going to Wendy’s and staying with her and has even made friends with other dogs he’s met there. Wendy really makes our dog feel very happy and comfortable in her home and she is flexible with drop off and pick up scheduling. It’s such a comfort knowing that our dog is being well cared for by Wendy whether he is there for the day or while we are away on vacation. - Sharon, owner of Barkley

My dog absolutely loves going to Wendy. She does an amazing job giving each dog so much love and attention. I've never seen my dog so excited to see anyone- every time we're on her block (even in passing when we're not going to day care), he always drags me to her lobby. She does a really great job updating me throughout the day with pictures and comments on how my dog's doing- you can tell in these photos how ecstatic he is (the Maltipoo). During the initial consultation, Wendy did a very thorough job taking notes on any conditions or concerns regarding my dog along with emergency contacts/vet info/dietary restrictions/etc. It's evident that her number one priority is the safety and well being of every dog she looks after. It would be very difficult to go anywhere else after my positive experience with Wendy! - Amber, owner of Yuzu

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