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Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

Comfort: Your pet stays a safe, secure environment, either in their own home or in a loving home if your pet boards overnight. Your pet is able to move freely and is not caged in a kennel. Your dog can sleep in his or her own bed, and have toys to play with throughout the day.

Pampering: Your pets have plenty of time for hugs, walks, positive reinforcement, and playtime throughout the day and will not be restricted by the kennel staff's schedule.

Peace of Mind: Your pet's care will be in the hands of a trusted professional, who will follow your exact instructions regarding feeding, walks and medication. Your pet sitter is bonded, insured, and has many years' experience caring for pets. Your sitter has a proven track record with an established clientele of happy pets and owners.

Apartment care: Your plants will be watered, your newspapers will be brought inside, and your mail will be taken up from the lobby mailbox. All these services are part of your pet sitter's daily routine.


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