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The benefits of doggy daycare

After months of working from home with your dog at your side, you are now returning to work. You may be gone for long stretches of time, and you may be concerned that your dog will not adjust to your absence. How will he combat any boredom, isolation and loneliness he may experience while you are away? After all, your dog has been your constant companion for several months, and you are worried he will miss you.

Dogs are social creatures and this sudden break in his routine may be disruptive, but there is one easy solution to ensure a smooth transition: doggy daycare. Many pet parents choose to enroll their dog in a full day of human and canine companionship, socialization, mental stimulation, play time, exercise, walks, potty breaks and fun.

You may wonder if daycare is right for your dog. In fact, daycare is ideal for most dogs who love other dogs, including younger dogs, who need daily exercise to maintain their fitness and health, as well as older dogs, who may now be inactive, but enjoy some canine and human companionship. It is important when selecting a daycare to ensure your dog will be with other dogs of the same size and temperament.

Daycare will also help relieve your dog’s boredom. When left along for an entire day, too many dogs start exhibiting disruptive behaviors, like separation anxiety with excessive barking, potty accidents, and furniture chewing. Daycare will keep your dog well supervised, active and stimulated so he won’t need to alleviate his excess energy with inappropriate habits.

Before enrolling your dog, check to ensure the daycare has an initial interview process, which includes meeting your dog to assess his temperament. Also included are questions on your dog’s health, behavior and dietary restrictions, activity level and medical history, should your dog require medication.

The pet professionals caring for your dog should have a proven track record of dog sitting, as well as excellent recommendations from satisfied pet parents. While at daycare, your pet professional should keep you informed about your dog’s progress, including sending you a daily email or text with pictures of your dog while at play and on walks to show you how much fun he is having.

Once your dog has been to daycare and established a routine with his doggy buddies, he will come home happy and relaxed, and look forward to returning in the morning!


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